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Paper Accepted for Qumran Program Unit at SBL 2012 in Chicago

Just wanted to share the news that my proposed paper, “His Hand Shall Establish You”: 4QPs-x/4QPs89 as Reworked Scripture,” was accepted for the 2012 Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, Qumran program unit. The meeting will be held in Chicago, IL from 11/17/2012 to 11/20/2012. The following is the text of my proposal: “His Hand […]

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Dead Sea Scrolls News

Some recent news regarding the Dead Sea Scrolls via Jim Davila’s PaleoJudaica.com: BOOK REVIEW from the H-JUDAIC list: John Joseph Collins. Beyond the Qumran Community: The Sectarian Movement of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Grand Rapids William B. Eerdmans Pub. Co., 2010. xii + 266 pp. Illustrations. $25.00 (paper), ISBN 978-0-8028-2887-3. Reviewed by Alex Jassen (University of […]

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Answers to Questions Regarding Heavenly Ascent in Early Jewish and Early Christian Literature

This post comprises some very interesting questions posed to me by a new reader of this blog, Steve Bastasch, regarding the development of the “heavenly ascent” theme in early Christian thought and writings and their Jewish background. My answer to these questions follows. ————————————————————————— Steve: I’m new to your Heavenly Ascents blog – it looks […]

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Notes on Early Jewish Belief in a Messiah

The following is from some notes that I took in Professor Jim Davila’s class on the Dead Sea Scrolls this week. I sit in on this undergraduate class of his just to get more exposure to his great knowledge and expertise on this topic. The way the class is set up, at least at this […]

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Notes on Emanuel Tov’s Dead Sea Scrolls Lecture at St Mary’s College

The following are my notes from a lecture given by Professor Emanuel Tov as a part of the Biblical Studies Seminar at St Mary’s College, University of St Andrews.  Emanuel Tov is a professor of Hebrew Bible at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was one of the editors of the Hebrew University Bible Project, […]

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Melchizedek: King, Priest, and God and the Forbidden Degrees

The title of this post is actually somewhat deceptive as it implies that the post is going to be about Melchizedek, who can be considered a king, a priest, and also a god, and about the “Forbidden Degrees” (sounds tantalizing, eh?), which the title seems to suggest have some connection to Melchizedek. Well, as far […]

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Christmas Reading

I must start this post by saying that although I would have liked to, I don’t have any wonderful Christmas message to share.  I have been quite busy lately — but I still feel that Christmas spirit. It has been snowing here in St Andrews, and the snow has stayed (which I hear is rather […]

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The Essene Debate Continues…

I just got this from Dr. James Davila’s site, www.PaleoJudaica.blogspot.com. The interesting debate over whether the Qumran community was composed of Essenes or not continues: GEZA VERMES responds to Rachel Elior’s response to his article: In connection with Rachel Elior’s rejoinder to my essay, The Meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls, may I contradict her […]

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