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Insights from N.T. Wright’s Inaugural Lecture: Imagining the Kingdom of God

Last night I had the opportunity to listen to Professor Tom Wright (a.k.a. N.T. Wright) give his Inaugural Lecture as Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity here at the University of St Andrews. Professor Wright has actually been at the university a year now and has previously given major public addresses here, but I guess this […]

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Expound Symposium: My Notes on Matthew Brown’s “Cube, Gate and Measuring Tools: A Biblical Pattern”

The following are my notes on Matthew B. Brown’s presentation at the recently held Expound Symposium that I participated in on May 14th (see my initial report on the event here). Matthew’s paper was intriguing — a very insightful treatment of temple-related topics that readers of this blog would surely find extremely interesting.  My notes […]

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Did Jesus Deny the Possibility of Heavenly Ascents? (John 3:13)

If so, then maybe I should change the name of my blog!! 🙂 A few people have been asking me whether I plan to do regular posts on New Testament Sunday School topics, as I had been doing with the OT.  I would have to say that my tentative answer is either “maybe” or “probably […]

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New Material from William Hamblin on John 17

I highly recommend checking out BYU Professor William Hamblin’s recent research on John 17 that he has posted on his blog, see here. He has some great insights on verse 3, focusing on eternal life and knowledge. His work on verse 4 is excellent as well, looking at the concept of glory.

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N.T. Wright’s First Public Lecture as Professor in St Andrews

Last night (14 Sep 2010) I had the pleasure of listening to N.T. (Tom) Wright’s first public lecture as professor here at the University of St Andrews.  For all who are familiar with Professor/Bishop Wright, there is understandably a good deal of excitement among the students and university community here regarding his decision to leave the […]

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Book Review: Canon and Canonicity. The Formation and Use of Scripture

Via PaleoJudaica.com BOOK REVIEW (BMCR): Einar Thomassen (ed.), Canon and Canonicity. The Formation and Use of Scripture. Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press, 2010. Pp. 232. ISBN 9788763530279. $48.00.  Reviewed by David J. DeVore, University of California, Berkeley Table of Contents As editor Thomassen’s preface states (p. 7), the volume under review is the fruit of “Highways and […]

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Answers to Questions Regarding Heavenly Ascent in Early Jewish and Early Christian Literature

This post comprises some very interesting questions posed to me by a new reader of this blog, Steve Bastasch, regarding the development of the “heavenly ascent” theme in early Christian thought and writings and their Jewish background. My answer to these questions follows. ————————————————————————— Steve: I’m new to your Heavenly Ascents blog – it looks […]

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N.T. Wright Appointed to New Testament Chair at University of St Andrews

VIA JIM DAVILA @ PALEOJUDAICA N. T. WRIGHT (Bishop Tom Wright) has been appointed to a New Testament Chair at the Divinity School of the University of St. Andrews: Tuesday 27 April 2010 The School of Divinity is delighted to announce that Dr N. T. (Tom) Wright, currently Bishop of Durham, has been appointed to […]

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