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James Davila: More Old Testament Pseudepigrapha Project News

Professor James Davila, of the University of St Andrews, shared some recent news today, on his PaleoJudaica blog, regarding the monumental More Old Testament Pseudepigrapha Project that he is directing, together with Professor Emeritus Richard Bauckham, and with Dr. Alexander Panayotov as co-editor.  In his words: I am very happy to announce that the first […]

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New Press Releases on Metal Plates Discovery

Another quick update on this topic. Many of you have probably seen this by now. A couple of press releases are now circulating related to the cache of metal plates. Bryce Haymond over at TempleStudy.com links to one, plus he give a great outline of the nature of the plates and what some people think […]

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Biblical Scholars Weigh in on Discovery of Metal Plates

Via Jim Davila at PaleoJudaica Just an update on my last post regarding the supposed discovery of a cache of ancient inscriptions written on metal plates.  This find continues to generate interest and a number of biblical scholars, including Margaret Barker, Philip Davies, and Jim Davila, have expressed opinions on the matter, based on what information […]

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Recent Blog Posts on Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha

Just wanted to alert you to a couple of interesting blog posts that I recently read on the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha. Tony Burke at Apocryphicity shared the following regarding why he chose to study the Christian Apocrypha: Why am I such an advocate for the Christian Apocrypha? Have I been “burned…by orthodox Christianity” as Ben […]

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The Book of Daniel

I have not put up anything in the past few weeks from the Sunday School lessons, partially because locally we’ve had Stake Conference, then I was at SBL, and then the we were snowed in last Sunday — so I’m not really sure where everyone’s at in the curriculum.  I imagine that most people have […]

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SBL Annual Meeting 2010: Biblical Studies Conference in the Buckle of the Bible Belt

I arrived home Wednesday night from the 2010 Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting held in Atlanta, Georgia.  This year’s conference was an especially good one, in my experience, at least. I still look back with fondness on my first national SBL meeting in San Diego — the setting alone is hard to beat. However, […]

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Professor Jim Davila on Christology: Son of God and Son of Man

The title of this post may be somewhat misleading, as what I am posting here is actually Professor Davila’s brief response to Mark D. Roberts’ recent blog posts on Christology at Beliefnet.com.  However, although not extensive in length, his comments are insightful and I thought they’d be interesting to post here.  Following Davila’s comments, I […]

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“Beside Me There is No Saviour”: Old Testament Lesson 38

Isaiah 40-49 Sorry for the dearth of posts recently — the semester at St Andrews has now started up and I have found myself overwhelmed trying to set a new schedule and routine for myself.  Among the various things I’m doing this semester, I am very excited about sitting in on Jim Davila’s Book of […]

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