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The Temple Studies Group Symposium IV: John W. Welch

Adam in the New Testament: Echoes of Eden and the Temple — John W. Welch Verbal Echoes of Genesis 1-3 in the New Testament —Ordinary words; distinctive words; quoted words; Temple-related words.  There are many words in the Greek New Testament that seem to have been deliberately given preference (over other alternatives) to emphasize a […]

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The Temple Studies Group Symposium IV: Margaret Barker

Adam the High Priest in the Paradise Temple — Margaret Barker Adam and Eden are the beginning and the end of the Bible. An overly literal reading of the text can obscure profound insights. The Return to Eden was an important part of Christian teaching. See Cyril of Jerusalem, First Lecture on the Mysteries, 1. […]

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“How Beautiful Upon the Mountains”: Some Thoughts on OT Lesson 39

Isaiah 50-53 In 1979, a biblical scholar named John Eaton published a work entitled Festal Drama in Deutero-Isaiah. Eaton, following the work of Ivan Engnell and others, saw in the “Servant Songs” and other themes of chapters 40-55, 60-62 of Isaiah allusions to the themes of the Ancient Israelite New Year Festival (which I’ve so […]

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Notes on Early Jewish Belief in a Messiah

The following is from some notes that I took in Professor Jim Davila’s class on the Dead Sea Scrolls this week. I sit in on this undergraduate class of his just to get more exposure to his great knowledge and expertise on this topic. The way the class is set up, at least at this […]

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Melchizedek: King, Priest, and God and the Forbidden Degrees

The title of this post is actually somewhat deceptive as it implies that the post is going to be about Melchizedek, who can be considered a king, a priest, and also a god, and about the “Forbidden Degrees” (sounds tantalizing, eh?), which the title seems to suggest have some connection to Melchizedek. Well, as far […]

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Temple Studies Symposium III: Margaret Barker

Dr Margaret Barker: The Holy Oil in the Temple Tradition The following are my notes from Dr Margaret Barker’s presentation, which served as an introduction to the use of the holy anointing oil from the time of the First Temple period. Please excuse the incompleteness of the notes, and my apologies to Dr Barker if […]

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The Orphic Gold Tablets: “The Longed-For Crown”

I return now to my overview/commentary on Instructions for the Netherworld: The Orphic Gold Tablets by Alberto Bernabé and Ana Isabel Jiménez San Cristóbal (Brill: 2008). If you missed my first few posts on this topic, you can see them here: First, Second, Third, and Fourth. One of the key features of the inscriptions found […]

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News on the Temple in Jerusalem

Moving Forward with Plans for the Third Temple I just thought I’d share some neat videos with you regarding work that the Temple Institute in Jerusalem continues to do to prepare for the building of the the Third Temple, or new temple in Jerusalem.  They are very serious about this and although they are repeatedly […]

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