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My Temple on Mount Zion Conference Presentation (Slides)

The 2014 Temple on Mount Zion Conference in memory of Matthew Brown, held October 25th was an enormous success. It brought together many great minds who took various creative and insightful approaches to the topic of the ancient temple. I was very happy to be a part of it.  For those of you who could […]

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Ascending into the Hill of the Lord: My Expound Symposium Paper

The following is my presentation, entitled “Ascending into the Hill of the Lord: The Psalms as a Key to Understanding the Rituals of the First Temple” from the Expound Symposium. Please note that this is a draft — it is in the format in which I presented it at the symposium — it has not […]

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More Videos

I have been fiddling around with what movie-making software I have and put together the following video called “A Heavenly Journey.” The “journey” starts off in the presence of God and we then travel through the immensity of space to reach the Earth, the place where God determined that our mortal experience would take place. […]

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Answers to Questions Regarding Heavenly Ascent in Early Jewish and Early Christian Literature

This post comprises some very interesting questions posed to me by a new reader of this blog, Steve Bastasch, regarding the development of the “heavenly ascent” theme in early Christian thought and writings and their Jewish background. My answer to these questions follows. ————————————————————————— Steve: I’m new to your Heavenly Ascents blog – it looks […]

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New Temple Video Series: Part 1 — Sacred Space

As part of my effort to create some helpful videos discussing topics of interest here on Heavenly Ascents, I’ve teamed up with David Tayman from Visions of the Kingdom to present a series of videos illustrating the nature, function, doctrines, and ritual of the ancient Temple, in a manner that will be especially of interest […]

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The Pope Cites Old Testament Pseudepigrapha

VIA JIM DAVILA’S PALEOJUDAICA: PSEUDEPIGRAPHA WATCH: The Pope cites a couple of Old Testament Pseudepigrapha in his Easter Vigil homily. First, from the Life of Adam and Eve: Dear Brothers and Sisters, An ancient Jewish legend from the apocryphal book “The life of Adam and Eve” recounts that, in his final illness, Adam sent his son Seth […]

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Professor John F. Hall: Notes from the Temple Studies Symposium III

The following are my notes from Dr. John F. Hall’s wonderful presentation at the recent Temple Studies Group symposium held 31 October 2009 at the Temple Church in London. Dr. Hall is the Eliza R. Snow Distinguished Professor of Classical Languages and Ancient History at Brigham Young University. The paper Dr. Hall presented is a […]

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Daniel Peterson: “The Temple as a Place of Ascent to God”

I just read on MormonConferences.org that Professor Daniel Peterson will be giving a presentation entitled “The Temple as a Place of Ascent to God” on Sunday, July 12. The location will be 4517 W. Mille Lacs Drive, South Jordan, Utah 84095 (the Daybreak Stake Center near the new Oquirrh Mountain Temple) .  For those of […]

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