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Behold, I Make All Things New: A Look at the Atonement

I am stepping away from my analysis of Aage Bentzen’s work, at least for one post, in order to present a recent statement on the atonement that I wrote up for my class “Soteriology: The Redemption,” taught by Dr. Ralph Del Colle. The class entailed a semester-long look at different theories on the Atonement, including […]

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Some Notes on the Son of Man in Ancient Jewish Literature

This post, much like my last one, represents some brief notes that I made on the topic of the title “son of man” as it appears in the Old Testament and in later Second Temple Jewish writings preceding the coming of Christ. As the title is frequently applied to Christ in the New Testament, it […]

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The Peculiarly Familiar Doctrines of Origen

We have recently been discussing the early Christian thinker Origen in my “Age of the Fathers” class. While we have been focusing mostly on his thoughts regarding the Trinity, there has been much in my readings that have struck as peculiarly familiar to my beliefs as a Latter-day Saint. I guess this is to be […]

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The Human Form on God’s Throne

  Michelangelo’s Depiction of Moses on a Throne The following post represents research I did for Dr. Orlov’s Apocalyptic Literature class in preparation for a presentation I did on themes from the text of an ancient drama known as Exagoge, written by Ezekiel the Tragedian. This text is only known by fragments of the original […]

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When the Angels Worshipped Adam

September 26, 2008 Earlier on this week in Dr. Orlov’s class we had an absolute smorgasbord of a discussion.  The subject was the text often called The Life of Adam and Eve, known from the many manuscripts extant in various languages, including Latin, Greek, Slavonic, Coptic (fragments), Georgian, and Armenian. This document is an apocryphal […]

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On the Apologists and Angel Pneumatology

In my Age of the Fathers class, we have recently been discussing the early Christian apologists. Here follows a few notes: Definition of apologists is rather arbitrary. Lists of who the apologists were varies. The late Richard Norris offered the following definition: The term “Apologists”, as applied to Christian writers of the early period, denotes […]

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A Well of Springing Water

Ever since I began this blog (two months ago yesterday), I have been making an on-going commentary on Margaret Barker’s book, Temple Themes in Christian Worship (London: T&T Clark, 2007). While I have greatly enjoyed this in-depth analysis of Barker’s research, I do not wish to be tedious and am anxious to cover new material. […]

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They Shall See His Face

Insights from Margaret Barker’s Temple Themes in Christian Worship: Part V After a rather long tangent looking at the suppression of ancient doctrines and ordinances, I now return to my commentary on Margaret Barker’s work on the themes of the First Temple that show up in later Christian beliefs. This post will focus on Chapter […]

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