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Expound Symposium: My Notes on Matthew Brown’s “Cube, Gate and Measuring Tools: A Biblical Pattern”

The following are my notes on Matthew B. Brown’s presentation at the recently held Expound Symposium that I participated in on May 14th (see my initial report on the event here). Matthew’s paper was intriguing — a very insightful treatment of temple-related topics that readers of this blog would surely find extremely interesting.  My notes […]

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Ascending into the Hill of the Lord: My Expound Symposium Paper

The following is my presentation, entitled “Ascending into the Hill of the Lord: The Psalms as a Key to Understanding the Rituals of the First Temple” from the Expound Symposium. Please note that this is a draft — it is in the format in which I presented it at the symposium — it has not […]

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Isaiah Ascends to Heaven to See the Social Trinity

The title of this blog post is meant to catch your attention more than anything, and if you are reading this, then I guess it worked!! The purpose of this post is to simply announce, for those who haven’t seen them, a couple of papers that I have recently posted on my Scribd account. The […]

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Ezekiel’s Remarkable Visions

Due to my schedule for the past few weeks, I have been unable to continue my weekly posts on the Sunday School lessons from the Old Testament.  As I was looking over the lesson to be studied this week, I was somewhat disappointed that it did not cover some of the early chapters of the […]

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The Temple Studies Group Symposium IV: Margaret Barker

Adam the High Priest in the Paradise Temple — Margaret Barker Adam and Eden are the beginning and the end of the Bible. An overly literal reading of the text can obscure profound insights. The Return to Eden was an important part of Christian teaching. See Cyril of Jerusalem, First Lecture on the Mysteries, 1. […]

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The Human Form on God’s Throne

  Michelangelo’s Depiction of Moses on a Throne The following post represents research I did for Dr. Orlov’s Apocalyptic Literature class in preparation for a presentation I did on themes from the text of an ancient drama known as Exagoge, written by Ezekiel the Tragedian. This text is only known by fragments of the original […]

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From Isaiah to Ezekiel to Heavenly Ascent

My Comments on Martha Himmelfarb’s Ascent to Heaven in Jewish and Christian Apocalypses The next major work that I will be looking at here is Princeton professor of religion, Martha Himmelfarb’s book entitled Ascent to Heaven in Jewish and Christian Apocalypses (New York, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1993). This work is significantly influential in the […]

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They Shall See His Face

Insights from Margaret Barker’s Temple Themes in Christian Worship: Part V After a rather long tangent looking at the suppression of ancient doctrines and ordinances, I now return to my commentary on Margaret Barker’s work on the themes of the First Temple that show up in later Christian beliefs. This post will focus on Chapter […]

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