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A Look Back at the Three “Men” Who Visited Abraham

In Genesis 18, we read that the Lord appeared to Abraham in Mamre, and also, in the same verse, that three “men” visited him.  This has to be one of the most debated scriptural passages of all time.  The big question is whether these three were divine beings (and if one of the three was […]

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Enoch and the City of Zion: Can an Entire Community Ascend to Heaven?

There are some things that I have done in the past year or two that I have not managed to post on this blog. I hope to rectify some of that and be a bit more active in getting things up here. One of these is my participation in early 2013 in a conference entitled […]

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New Material on TempleStudies.org

I have recently been contributing a bit to the website of the Academy for Temple Studies — www.templestudies.org.  As Bryce Haymond has recently posted information about some of this new material, I will just re-post here from his blog, TempleStudy.com. An “Enoch and the Temple” conference occurred in February 2013, with a keynote by George Nickelsburg.Videos of […]

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Ancient Affinities within the LDS Book of Enoch: Part One

A paper that I co-authored with my friend, Jeffrey Mark Bradshaw, has been published online at mormoninterpreter.com. The paper is entitled: “Ancient Affinities within the LDS Book of Enoch: Part One.”  Part two of the article (which is already written) should be released in the near future. Here is the abstract: Abstract: In this article, […]

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Ascending into the Hill of the Lord: My Expound Symposium Paper

The following is my presentation, entitled “Ascending into the Hill of the Lord: The Psalms as a Key to Understanding the Rituals of the First Temple” from the Expound Symposium. Please note that this is a draft — it is in the format in which I presented it at the symposium — it has not […]

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Professor Jim Davila on Christology: Son of God and Son of Man

The title of this post may be somewhat misleading, as what I am posting here is actually Professor Davila’s brief response to Mark D. Roberts’ recent blog posts on Christology at Beliefnet.com.  However, although not extensive in length, his comments are insightful and I thought they’d be interesting to post here.  Following Davila’s comments, I […]

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El Shaddai: Ascension of Metatron Video Game

I apologize for the dearth of good posts recently. I have been in the thick of some intense work on my dissertation, so things have been a little crazy lately.  Unfortunately, for most this post won’t make up at all for the lack of substantive material here! However, after having seen the news of this […]

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Answers to Questions Regarding Heavenly Ascent in Early Jewish and Early Christian Literature

This post comprises some very interesting questions posed to me by a new reader of this blog, Steve Bastasch, regarding the development of the “heavenly ascent” theme in early Christian thought and writings and their Jewish background. My answer to these questions follows. ————————————————————————— Steve: I’m new to your Heavenly Ascents blog – it looks […]

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