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Another Important New Book by Andrei Orlov, “The Atoning Dyad: The Two Goats of Yom Kippur in the Apocalypse of Abraham”

Prolific author Andrei A. Orlov, Professor of Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity at Marquette University, has completed another exciting new book that is to be published by the prestigious biblical studies publisher, Brill, in the near future. (See here for updates on publication status.) I have to say that I am very excited about this […]

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“How Beautiful Upon the Mountains”: Some Thoughts on OT Lesson 39

Isaiah 50-53 In 1979, a biblical scholar named John Eaton published a work entitled Festal Drama in Deutero-Isaiah. Eaton, following the work of Ivan Engnell and others, saw in the “Servant Songs” and other themes of chapters 40-55, 60-62 of Isaiah allusions to the themes of the Ancient Israelite New Year Festival (which I’ve so […]

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Happy New Year (Rosh HaShanah)

Happy (Jewish) New Year!! Today is Rosh Hashanah (“head/first of the year”), the beginning of year 5771 in the Jewish world. Rosh Hashanah is one of Judaism’s “high” holidays, and some very significant traditions are associated with it.  Rosh Hashanah marks God’s creation of the world, and is the “birthday” of Adam and Eve. The […]

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More Notes from the SANE Conference on Temples

In the interest of keeping my promise, I am posting further notes from the presentations I saw at the SANE Conference on Temples and Rituals in Antiquity that was held November 7 at BYU. Although it may be rather “in-SANE” to post these notes after all the videos have already been posted, I hope they […]

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On 1 Enoch and the Rite of Atonement

This post contains more notes on 1 (Ethiopic) Enoch from Dr. Orlov’s class, plus more interesting passages from the text. I will also look at the role of the angel Asa’el (or Azazel) in the Israelite atonement ritual and his possible connection to the Old Testament scapegoat. Random Notes on the Enochic Tradition Dr. Andrei Orlov suggests that 1 […]

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