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My Temple on Mount Zion Conference Presentation (Slides)

The 2014 Temple on Mount Zion Conference in memory of Matthew Brown, held October 25th was an enormous success. It brought together many great minds who took various creative and insightful approaches to the topic of the ancient temple. I was very happy to be a part of it.  For those of you who could […]

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Alan F. Segal, Professor of Jewish Studies

I recently heard news that Professor Alan F. Segal, one of the giants in the field of Early Jewish and  Early Christian Studies, has passed away.  We have lost one of the greatest contributors to the advancement of these areas of study in recent times. I first became aware of Professor Segal’s work while an […]

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SBL 2010: LDS and the Bible, Session 1

To conclude my notes from SBL, I want to present the material I took down from the two “Latter-day Saints and the Bible” sessions that were held Monday and Tuesday mornings. Because I want to share my notes on these in greater detail, this will be divided into two posts.  The theme was the same […]

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SBL 2010 Summary (Continued)

In the interest of continuing what I started the other day, here is a summary of what else I was able to see and learn at the recent SBL Conference in Atlanta. Saturday afternoon I participated in a session regarding Teaching Philosophies, directed by BYU’s Taylor Halverson. This was a very helpful, practical presentation of […]

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SBL Annual Meeting 2010: Biblical Studies Conference in the Buckle of the Bible Belt

I arrived home Wednesday night from the 2010 Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting held in Atlanta, Georgia.  This year’s conference was an especially good one, in my experience, at least. I still look back with fondness on my first national SBL meeting in San Diego — the setting alone is hard to beat. However, […]

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Kevin Christensen on Margaret Barker’s Research

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned in a post on ancient Israelite religious reforms that Kevin Christensen had written a lot on that subject, but that the site that I was used to going to for links to his articles seemed to have some broken links. I was just recently made aware that all the […]

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N.T. Wright on C.S. Lewis as a Theologian

My curiosity regarding the opinion of other Christian theologians on C.S. Lewis’ quality as a theologian was piqued when a theology professor of mine at Marquette University declared in no uncertain terms that Lewis was not a “real” theologian.  This was after I had announced, after being put on the spot at the beginning of […]

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Temple Studies Group Symposium Papers Available!

You may now access online a number of the papers presented at the recent Temple Studies Group Symposium III held in London on October 31, 2009.  They have been just recently posted at the group’s website http://www.templestudiesgroup.com/Symposia.htm.  The theme for this symposium was “The Holy Anointing Oil”.  Despite the limited scope of the theme, the papers […]

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