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Harold B. Lee Library Resources for Ancient Studies, Ancient Scripture and Philosophy

The BYU Harold B. Lee Library has some great study guides and links to resources that are very helpful for anyone pursuing Ancient Studies, Ancient Scripture, Medieval Studies, Philosophy, and other related topics.  If you have not seen these online study guides before, you should definitely check them out.  The BYU Library has all kinds […]

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Event: 2014 Temple on Mount Zion Conference

via MormonInterpreter.com 2014 Temple on Mount Zion Conference Saturday, 25 October, 2014, full day, 251 TNRB (N. Eldon Tanner Building), Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah The Interpreter Foundation would like to announce a forthcoming conference, the 2014 Temple on Mount Zion Conference to be held in 251 TNRB (N. Eldon Tanner Building) on the campus of Brigham Young University, in Provo, […]

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John W. Welch: Insights from His Maeser Distinguished Faculty Lecture

On May 17, 2011 (the day after I left Provo for my recent visit), Professor John W. Welch, Robert K. Thomas Professor of Law and editor-in-chief of BYU Studies, gave the 2011 Karl G. Maeser Distinguished Faculty Lecture at a Brigham Young University forum after having been awarded the 2011 Maeser Distinguished Faculty Lecturer Award, […]

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Report from the 1st Annual Expound Symposium

On Saturday the 14th of May I had the opportunity to attend and participate in the 1st Annual Expound Symposium, which was held in Provo at the Brigham Young Academy building.  For anyone who was there, I hope I had a chance to talk to you — I met so many bright and interesting people […]

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Heavenly Ascents News

Just wanted to give you a brief update of some things I’ve been doing lately. I posted (a couple of weeks back now) some material over at The Millennial Star about the reforms of King Josiah and the Deuteronomists and how these reforms may have affected the theological themes found in the Old Testament we […]

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New Material from William Hamblin on John 17

I highly recommend checking out BYU Professor William Hamblin’s recent research on John 17 that he has posted on his blog, see here. He has some great insights on verse 3, focusing on eternal life and knowledge. His work on verse 4 is excellent as well, looking at the concept of glory.

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SBL 2010: LDS and the Bible, Session 1

To conclude my notes from SBL, I want to present the material I took down from the two “Latter-day Saints and the Bible” sessions that were held Monday and Tuesday mornings. Because I want to share my notes on these in greater detail, this will be divided into two posts.  The theme was the same […]

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William Hamblin: New NT Research

In case you are not aware of it, BYU Professor William Hamblin has recently been doing some exciting new research on some interesting topics involving the New Testament. The first is an exploration of the sign of the cross in ancient Israelite and early Christian temple symbolism (this is not strictly a “New Testament” study, […]

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