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The 2014 Temple on Mt Zion Videos Are Here!!

For any of you who were not able to make it to the Temple on Mt Zion Conference held on October 25, 2014 at BYU, and have not yet seen these videos posted on the Interpreter website (they put them up earlier this week), here is the link to see them: Here is the […]

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What in the World Are You Looking For?

Or should I say, “What on Google are you looking for that led you to Heavenly Ascents?” Looking back at the terms that people entered into search engines that led to them finding this blog can be very funny.  Besides misspelled words and foggy concepts of what they want to find, some people are just […]

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A Temple Studies Bibliography (via Dan Bachman)

Dan Bachman and other LDS scholars have put together a fantastic “Temple Studies” bibliography, featured on the Academy for Temple Studies website. The bibliography has been recently updated. From the creators: Students of the temple will be interested in an important January 2013 update to “A Temple Studies Bibliography” on The Academy for Temple Studies […]

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Thoughts on Crispin Fletcher-Louis, “The Revelation of the Sacral Son of Man”

Review of Crispin Fletcher-Louis, “The Revelation of the Sacral Son of Man: The Genre, History of Religions Context and the Meaning of the Transfiguration,” in Auferstehung – Resurrection (The Fourth Durham-Tübingen Research Symposium Resurrection, Transfiguration and Exaltation in Old Testament, Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity – Tübingen, Sept, 1999), edited by Friedrich Avemarie and Hermann […]

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Second Temple Seal Used for Ritual Found at Temple Mount

A 2000 year-old seal with the inscription “Pure for YH (abbr. of YHWH)” was found in excavations of the foundations of the Western Wall at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem just recently. The directors of the excavation believe that it is an example of the type of seal thought to have been used in the […]

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Jim Davila on “Ritual Praxis in Ancient Jewish and Christian Mysticism” with Responses

Jim Davila, my PhD supervisor, gave a paper at SBL for the new Esotericism and Mysticism in Antiquity section, entitled “Ritual Praxis in Ancient Jewish and Christian Mysticism.” The session, held jointly with the Religious Experience in Early Judaism and Early Christianity section, was presided over by April DeConick, and featured presentations and responses by […]

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Ascending into the Hill of the Lord: Video of My Expound 2011 Presentation

My thanks to Tyler Livingston for putting the following video together from my May 2011 Expound Symposium presentation.  The title of my paper was “Ascending into the Hill of the Lord: The Psalms as a Key to Understanding the Rituals of the First Temple.” Tyler has nicely worked in the power-point images from my presentation, so […]

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I’m Still Here!!

You may have been wondering as I have not posted anything here for about two months!! I apologize to anyone who is actually still interested in reading this blog!  Over the Summer I was compelled by my financial situation here in Scotland to get a full-time summer job, so between that and my research, I […]

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