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The Book of Daniel

I have not put up anything in the past few weeks from the Sunday School lessons, partially because locally we’ve had Stake Conference, then I was at SBL, and then the we were snowed in last Sunday — so I’m not really sure where everyone’s at in the curriculum.  I imagine that most people have […]

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What Did the Authors of Isaiah 40-55 Really Know About Babylon: Dr Lena Sophia Tiemeyer

Yesterday I had the privilege of hearing from Dr Lena Sophia Tiemeyer, Lecturer in Old Testament/Hebrew Bible at the University of Aberdeen, as she presented a paper at our weekly Biblical Studies seminar.  Her study was entitled “What Did the Authors of Isaiah 40-55 Really Know About Babylon?” The timing of this presentation, for the […]

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N.T. Wright’s First Public Lecture as Professor in St Andrews

Last night (14 Sep 2010) I had the pleasure of listening to N.T. (Tom) Wright’s first public lecture as professor here at the University of St Andrews.  For all who are familiar with Professor/Bishop Wright, there is understandably a good deal of excitement among the students and university community here regarding his decision to leave the […]

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Notes on Early Jewish Belief in a Messiah

The following is from some notes that I took in Professor Jim Davila’s class on the Dead Sea Scrolls this week. I sit in on this undergraduate class of his just to get more exposure to his great knowledge and expertise on this topic. The way the class is set up, at least at this […]

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Genesis Theology

In our Biblical Studies seminar here at St Andrews we heard yesterday from Joel Kaminsky, professor of Hebrew Bible and Jewish Studies at Smith College in Northampton, MA. He spoke on an article that he is writing about the theology of the book of Genesis. This was very timely for me, as I had just […]

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This Week: Codex Vaticanus and “Performative Deification”

I have had another very busy week working on my dissertation and following the courses I’m attending.  So, unfortunately, I have not had time to do any research on this week’s OT lesson, “How Can I Do This Great Wickedness” from Genesis 34; 37-39.  And that is unfortunate, because I really love the story of […]

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Personal News

I must apologize for not having posted much lately.  I have had a large number of things going on, all at the same time, for the past few weeks.  If you don’t mind me sharing some personal news, I will briefly make note of some of the things that have happened recently. I graduated from […]

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St Ignatius of Loyola’s Spiritual Calisthenics

I recently had to do a presentation for my History of Theology class on a text by St. Ignatius of Loyola called The Spiritual Exercises — specifically, the “Annotations” ammended to it.  For those who may not be as familiar with St. Ignatius of Loyola: He was born 1491 in Spain and became a strong defender of […]

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