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Two Great Scholars Speak to Interpreter Gathering

I had the opportunity to be at a gathering for the Interpreter online journal early in August where scholars Margaret Barker and Stephen Webb addressed the group in a Q&A format. It was an intriguing discussion. Margaret Barker, a Methodist scholar and founder of the Temple Study Group in England, has become a favorite among […]

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Harold B. Lee Library Resources for Ancient Studies, Ancient Scripture and Philosophy

The BYU Harold B. Lee Library has some great study guides and links to resources that are very helpful for anyone pursuing Ancient Studies, Ancient Scripture, Medieval Studies, Philosophy, and other related topics.  If you have not seen these online study guides before, you should definitely check them out.  The BYU Library has all kinds […]

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Ancient Jewish Traditions Concerning Angels (Draft for Ensign)

I recently posted on Facebook regarding a small contribution that I made to December’s Ensign magazine.  I had been invited a number of months ago to contribute to an article on angels that has now been published in this issue as “Angels We Have Heard.” The section based on information I provided is “Angels in […]

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Presentation: “What Did Joseph Smith Know about the LDS Temple Ordinance by 1836?”

Jeff Bradshaw is a personal friend of mine and an excellent author and student of the Restored Gospel. I highly recommend taking the time this Friday to see his important presentation. Via Interpreter Jeffrey M. Bradshaw will be giving a presentation at Eborn Books this coming Friday, August 8, in Salt Lake City.  His topic is […]

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The Temple on Mount Zion: “From Dust to Exalted Crown”

I am posting here a presentation that I gave a while back at the “Temple on Mount Zion” conference held in September 2012, sponsored by the Interpreter Foundation in memory of Matthew Brown. It was an awesome gathering, with many great scholars presenting on various topics related to the temple.  If you haven’t seen them […]

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A Look Back at the Three “Men” Who Visited Abraham

In Genesis 18, we read that the Lord appeared to Abraham in Mamre, and also, in the same verse, that three “men” visited him.  This has to be one of the most debated scriptural passages of all time.  The big question is whether these three were divine beings (and if one of the three was […]

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Sunday School: Lesson 13 — Exodus as New Creation

This post may be coming too late for most LDS Sunday School classes — I’m not sure as my wife and I teach the youth, so I really don’t know exactly where everyone is in the Sunday School curriculum.  If you have already had Lesson 13 regarding the bondage in Egypt, the Passover, and the […]

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The Legend of the Ten Lost Tribes “Carried Over the Waters”

Eli Yassif of Haaretz has a recent article that looks at legends surrounding the  ten Lost Tribes of Israel. One story, found in the book of 4 Esdras, speaks of the ten tribes being “carried over the waters” and inhabiting a land “where never mankind dwelt.” As far as we know, the oldest source that refers […]

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