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Ancient Jewish Synagogue at Dura Europos Seized by ISIS in Syria

“Jihadists looting ancient archaeological sites, including 244 BCE synagogue; officials warn 5,000 years of history being erased.” An Israeli news website has shared an AP report that ISIS (Islamic State) has taken over a number of archaeological sites in Syria and Northern Iraq, including the famous site of Dura Europos, which is known for the discovery […]

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Archaeological Discoveries Reveal an Israelite Belief in God’s Wife and a Pantheon? (Haaretz)

A recent article in the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz (online), presents some recent (and not so recent) findings by archaeologists and other scholars regarding the worship of the divine feminine in ancient Israel. Although interpreting the real-life use and theology behind ancient artifacts is always an imprecise science, the amount of material that has been collected […]

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