Articles of Interest

Ascent to Heaven in Jewish and Christian Mysticism

Heavenly Ascent in Graeco-Roman Piety (Philadelphia Seminar on Christian Origins)

Stages of Ascension in Hermetic Rebirth (Dan Merkur)

The Descent of Christ into Hades in Eastern and Western Theological Traditions (Hilarion Alfeyev)

Ascent to Heaven in Antiquity (James D. Tabor)

Apocalyptic Thought in Early Christianity (Philadelphia Seminar on Christian Origins)


Jewish Temple Traditions and Christan Liturgy

Enoch as the Heavenly Priest (Andrei Orlov)

The Temple Roots of the Liturgy (Margaret Barker)

Beyond the Veil of the Temple: The High Priestly Origin of the Apocalypses (Margaret Barker)

Parousia and Liturgy (Margaret Barker)

Atonement: The Rite of Healing (Margaret Barker)

Where Shall Wisdom Be Found? (Job 28.12) (Margaret Barker)

Priestly and Liturgical Roles of Metatron (Andrei Orlov)

Rachel Elior’s New Book “The Temple and Chariot, Priests and Angels, Sanctuary and Heavenly Sanctuaries in Early Jewish Mysticism” (Joseph Dan)

The Three Temples: On the Emergence of Jewish Mysticism in Late Antiquity (Rachel Elior)

Temple and Righteousness in Qumran and Early Christianity (Eyal Regev)

A Second Temple Non-Temple Liturgy (Joseph Tabory)

Metatron as the Prince of the Presence (Andrei Orlov)

Towards a Theology of the Tabernacle and Its Furniture (Gary Anderson)

The Imagery of Angelic Praise and Heavenly Topography in the Syriac Testament of Our Lord (Grant S. White)

The Cosmology of P and Theological Anthropology in the Wisdom of Jesus ben Sira. Part I (Crispin H.T. Fletcher-Louis)

The Cosmology of P and Theological Anthropology in the Wisdom of Jesus ben Sira. Part II (Crispin H.T. Fletcher-Louis)

Jesus and the High Priest (Crispin H.T. Fletcher-Louis)


Instruction, Initiation, and Special Knowledge: Jewish and Christian Traditions

Metatron as the Expert in Secrets (Andrei Orlov)

The Heirs of the Enochic Lore: “Men of Faith” in 2 Enoch 35:2 and Sefer Hekhalot 48D:10 (Andrei Orlov)

The Angel Story in the Book of Jubilees (James C. VanderKam)

The Sources of Knowledge in Qumran and in Rabbinic Literature: A Study of the Evolution of a Metaphor (Paul Mandel)

Wisdom and Instruction in Ben Sira and 1 Enoch (Benjamin G. Wright)

The Nature and Function of Revelation in 1 Enoch, Jubilees and Some Qumranic Documents (George W.E. Nickelsburg)

The Judaism(s) of the Damascus Document (Philip R. Davies)

Metatron as Sar Torah (Andrei Orlov)

The Status of the Torah in the Pre-Sinaitic Period: St. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans (Gary A. Anderson)

Revealed Wisdom: From the Bible to Qumran (Alexander Rofe)

Metatron as the Scribe (Andrei Orlov)

Ancient School Activity in Alexandria and Rome (Philadelphia Seminar on Christian Origins)

Study, Ritual and Mystical Experience: Philo’s De Vita Contemplativa (Celia Deutsch)

Philo of Alexandria in Relation to Ancient “School Tradition” Speculation (Philadelphia Seminar on Christian Origins)

Secrets of Creation in 2 (Slavonic) Enoch (Andrei Orlov)

The Secret Tradition. Part I (Margaret Barker)

The Secret Tradition. Part II (Margaret Barker)


Anthropomorphism in Rabbinic and Eastern Christian Sources

Metatron as God’s Shiur Qomah (Andrei Orlov)

The Hand of God: A Chapter in Rabbinic Anthropomorphism (Meir Bar-Ilan)

Tselem: Towards an Anthropopathic Theology of Image (David R. Blumenthal)

Physical and Metaphysical Measurements Ordained by God (Menahem Kister).

The Vision of God and Form of Glory (Alexander Golitzin)

The Visible Christ and the Invisible Trinity (Michel René Barnes)

The Body of Christ: Saint Symeon the New Theologian on Spiritual Life and the Hierarchical Church (Alexander Golitzin)

“The Demons Suggest an Illusion of God’s Glory in a Form”: Controversy over the Divine Body and Vision of Glory in Some Late Fourth, Early Fifth Century Monastic Literature (Alexander Golitzin)

Adamic Traditions in Jewish and Syrian Christian Writings

On the Polemical Nature of 2 (Slavonic) Enoch: A Reply to C. Böttrich (Andrei Orlov)

The Life of Adam and Eve: Introduction and Problems of the Text (Gary A. Anderson and Michael E. Stone)

Recovering the Glory of Adam: Selected Themes from the Dead Sea Scrolls Present in the Macarian Homilies and Other Christian Ascetic Writings of Fourth-Century Syro-Mesopotamia(Alexander Golitzin).

Paradise Lost (Margaret Barker)

Vested with Adam’s Glory: Moses as the Luminous Counterpart of Adam in the DSS and in the Macarian Homilies(Andrei Orlov)

Adam and Eve Archive(Gary A. Anderson and Michael E. Stone)

Adam, Eve, and Seth: Pneumatological Reflections on an Unusual Image (Alexander Golitzin)

Resurrection of Adam’s Body: The Redeeming Role of Enoch-Metatron in 2 (Slavonic) Enoch (Andrei Orlov)


Noachic Traditions in Jewish and Eastern Christian Environments

Noah’s Younger Brother Revisited: Anti-Noachic Polemics and the Date of 2 (Slavonic) Enoch (Andrei Orlov)

The Axis of History at Qumran (Michael E. Stone)

Patriarchs Who Worry About Their Wives: A Haggadic Tendency in the Genesis Apocryphon (George W.E. Nickelsburg)

Qumran and the Book of Noah (Cana Werman)

“Noah’s Younger Brother”: The Anti-Noachic Polemics in 2 Enoch (Andrei Orlov)

The Flooded Arboretums: The Garden Traditions in the Slavonic Version of 3 Baruch and the Book of Giants (Andrei Orlov)


Enochic Traditions in Jewish and Eastern Christian Environments

Enoch as the Expert in Secrets (Andrei Orlov)

Enoch as the Mediator (Andrei Orlov)

Enoch as the Scribe (Andrei Orlov)

The Enoch Literature (James C. VanderKam)

Enoch as a Divine Mediator (James R. Davila)

Enoch as Precursor (David W. Suter)

Sefer cUzza Wa-cAza(z)el: Exploring Early Jewish Mythologies of Evil (John C. Reeves)

Enoch and Written Authorities in Testament of the 12 Patriarchs (Robert Kraft)

The Greek Fragments of Enoch from Qumran Cave 7 (Ernest A. Muro, Jr.)

The Recovery of the Enochic Library: Intertextuality in Near Eastern Religious Traditions (John C. Reeves)

Was the Goat for Azazel destined for the Wrath of God? (Jacqueline C.R. De Roo)

The Flowing Stream (John C. Reeves)

Ex 33 on God’s Face: A Lesson from the Enochic Tradition (Andrei Orlov)

Titles of Enoch-Metatron in 2 (Slavonic) Enoch (Andrei Orlov)

The Origin of the Name “Metatron” and the Text of 2 (Slavonic Apocalypse of) Enoch (Andrei Orlov)

The Enoch-Metatron Tradition (Andrei Orlov)


Melchizedek Tradition in Jewish and Eastern Christian Environments

Melchizedek in the MT, LXX, and the NT (Joseph A. Fitzmyer)

Las tradiciones sobre Melquisedec en los manuscritos de Qumrán (Florentino García Martínez)

Melchizedek: Gen 14, 17-20 in the Targums, in Rabbinic and Early Christian Literature (Martin McNamara)

The Heir of Righteousness and the King of Righteousness (Andrei Orlov)


Melchizedek, Michael, and War in Heaven (James R. Davila)

Melchizedek: A Model of Union of Kingship and Priesthood (Israel Knohl)

Melchizedek as a Divine Mediator (James R. Davila)

Melchizedek Legend of 2 (Slavonic) Enoch (Andrei Orlov)


Josephus’ Texts and Traditions

What Josephus Says about the Essenes in His Judean War. Part I (Steve Mason)

What Josephus Says about the Essenes in His Judean War. Part II (Steve Mason).

“Two Tablets” Traditions from the Book of Giants to Palaea Historica (Andrei Orlov)


Divine Mediators Figures: Jewish and Christian Traditions

Praxis of the Voice: The Divine Name Traditions in the Apocalypse of Abraham (Andrei Orlov)

Metatron as the Mediator (Andrei Orlov)

Moses’ Heavenly Counterpart in the Book of Jubilees and the Exagoge of Ezekiel the Tragedian (Andrei Orlov)

Celestial Choirmaster: The Liturgical Role of Enoch-Metatron in 2 Enoch and the Merkabah Tradition (Andrei Orlov)

Some Observations about Paul and Intermediaries (Alan F. Segal)

What Do We Mean by “First-Century Jewish Monotheism”? (Larry W. Hurtado)

Moses as Heavenly Messenger in As. Mos and Qumran Documents (Jan Willem Van-Henten)

Metatron as the Youth (Andrei Orlov)

Beholders of Divine Secrets: Mysticism and Myth in the Hekhalot and Merkavah Literature (Daphna Arbel)

Metatron as the Prince of the World (Andrei Orlov)

The High Priest as Divine Mediator in the Hebrew Bible: Dan 7:13 as a Test Case. Part I (Crispin H.T. Fletcher-Louis)

The High Priest as Divine Mediator in the Hebrew Bible: Dan 7:13 as a Test Case. Part II (Crispin H.T. Fletcher-Louis)

Paul’s Christology of Divine Identity (Richard Bauckham)

Was There a “Messiah-Joshua” Tradition at the Turn of the Era? (Robert Kraft)

A Messiah in Heaven? A Re-evaluation of Jewish and Christian Apocalyptic Traditions (Cana Werman)

A Methodology for Studying Divine Mediators (James R.Davila)

Metatron as the Deity: Lesser YHWH (Andrei Orlov)

The Son of Man (Crispin H.T. Fletcher-Louis)

In Praise of Michael the Archangel (Robert Kraft)


Transmission of Jewish Traditions in Christian Environment

Septuagint/Old Greek (Robert Kraft).

Lectionary (Dale A. Johnson)


East Syrian and Armenian Lectionaries (Kevin P. Edgecomb)


“The Old Testament of the Early Church” Revisited (Albert C. Sundberg, Jr.)

Early Jewish and Christian Scriptural Artifacts: Continuities, Discontinuities, and Social Significance (Robert Kraft)

Contrasting Uses of the Greek Bible: Hellenistic-Jewish Literature and the New Testament (Tessa Rajak)

The Gospel of John and the Dead Sea Scrolls (Harold Attridge)

The Multiform Jewish Heritage of Early Christianity (Robert Kraft)

Loose Canons. Reflections on the Formation of the Hebrew Bible (Philip R. Davies)

The Weighing of the Parts: Pivots and Pitfalls in the Study of Early Judaisms and their Early Christian Offspring (Robert Kraft)

From Jewish Scribes to Christian Scriptoria?: Issues of Continuity and Discontinuity in their Greek Literary Worlds (Robert Kraft)

L’Ancien Testament dans l’ecclésiologie des Pères. J. G. Mueller

Rethinking the Concept of “Bible”: Some Theses and Proposals (James E. Bowley and John C. Reeves)


Jewish Traditions and Heterodox Christian Varieties

The New Testament Apocrypha (Richard Bauckham)

The Development of the Concept of “Orthodoxy” in Early Christianity (Robert Kraft)

In Search of “Jewish Christianity” and Its “Theology”: Problems of Definition and Methodology (Robert Kraft)

Shades of Light and Darkness (John C. Reeves)

Creation: Images Old and New (Philadelphia Seminar on Christian Origins)

Special People or Special Books? On Qumran and New Testament Notions of Canon (Daniel Schwartz)

The Codex and Canon Consciousness (Robert Kraft)

The DSS and the Apostolic Fathers, with Some Observations on Other Early Christian Literature Apart from the NT (Robert Kraft)

“Orthodoxy” and “Heresy” in Early Christianity (Philadelphia Seminar on Christian Origin)

Orthodoxy and Heresy in Earliest Christianity (Walter Bauer)


Sapiential Traditions

Priestly Sages? The Milieus of Origin of 4QMysteries and 4QInstruction (Torleif Elgvin)

Revealed Wisdom: From the Bible to Qumran (Alexander Rofe)

The Categories of Rich and Poor in the Qumran Sapiential Literature (Benjamin Wright)

The Eschatologizing of Wisdom in the Dead Sea Scrolls (John J. Collins)


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